Accommodation in Kimberley. Hadida Guest House.
 Self-catering Cottages / Holiday homes with 1,2 or 3 Bedrooms. Breakfast on request..

About Us

Hadida Guest house was established in 1996.  The guest house is named after the Hadida bird (Afrikaans spelling), which is frequently seen on our property. 

At Hadida Guest House,  we want to create an outstanding guest experience for you, whether you're staying for holiday or business.

Languages:  Afrikaans and English


Our experienced management works 24/7 to accommodate all your needs and to exceed all your expectations. Our mission is to create a worry-free environment for our guests. 


Hadida Guest House is a big contributor to the local economy and we employ 23 people to provide guests with a great experience.

Our official office hours is 7 days a week from 06:30 to 22:00.  We always have on site staff available for late arrivals or emergencies.